JAMIROQUAI ( JK) is on Nisshin Cup Noodle TV Ad

06/11/2010 at 11:45 am 1 comment

Wow… this is so funny!!!

Do you want to know what JK said ?

Here you go..

‘ 腹減った。腹減った。カップヌードル5つ食べられるくらい。’

‘ 他のじゃ(い)やよ。他のじゃ(い)やよ。カップヌードルがいいよ。’

=hara hetta. hara hetta. kappu nuudoru itsutsu taberareru kurai.

hoka no ja (i)ya yo. hoka no ja (i)ya yo. kappu noodle ga ii yo.

= I’m starving. I’m starving. So that I could eat 5 cup noodles.

I don’t want other food. I don’t want to other food. I only want to CUP NOODLE!!

腹 ( = hara ) is a very informal way to say お腹 ( = o naka = belly )

減った ( = hetta ) is a verb short form of 減りました ( = herimashita = decreaced )

so 「腹減った」 means ‘ I’m starving ‘

This is way to say is more for men. Women should say 「お腹すいた」

「他の ( = hoka no ) 」means ‘ other thing ‘

「の」 indicate ‘ other noodles ‘ on this ad.

So JK only want to eat ” Nisshin Cup Noodle ”  🙂

Hmm… I’m getting hungry now…

But I can’t eat 5 cup noodles, JK …. 😛

– Maki


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おめでとう| omedetou | congratulations きれい vs うつくしい

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  • 1. K. James  |  05/11/2011 at 10:00 pm

    Wow, this is a great find on Jay Kay. I was actually googling for videos and came across this. This one will definitely be bookmark.



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