Japanese slangs | ツンデレ・KY

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Youtube is one of the useful learning language tools nowadays.

I like Youtubing and  I came across this awesome, funny Super Mario World parody video today.

This video contains a lot of Japanese slangs!!

First, I want you to watch and listen this video with English subtitles.

Did you understand what they say?

Ok, now let’s watch it with Japanese subtitles.

Here are a few notes of up-to-date Japanese slangs.

( 1:18 )

ツンデレなとこも魅力的 = ‘That cold-yet-cute part of you is attractive’

ツンデレ ( = tsundere )’  is a short form of  ’ツンツンデレデレ’.

ツンツン (ツンツンする) means to turn away in disgust, and デレデレ(デレデレする) means to become ‘lovey dovey’. ツンデレ is basically a ” OTAKU word”, which describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.

(1:47 )

KY! KY! 空気読め = ‘Read the air (grr!)’

‘KY’ (= ケイワイ = keiwai ) is a short form of  空気読めない ( = kuuki yomenai )    It is used for a person who can’t read the situation.

空気 means air  and  読めない is  a negative potential form of  読む ( = yomu = to read )

To tell you the truth…  I had no clue what those slangs mean …. hehe

It took some time to figure it out…    I’m learning New Japanese words, too  (^^)v

– Maki


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