Twitter lingo in Japanese

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Are you using Twitter often?

Twitter is becoming popular in Japan now.

If you have Japanese followers on Twitter,  you will often see the word ” なう ( = nau ) “

Then what is this “ なう ” mean ?

なう ” means ” Now ” in English.

So Japanese people use this Twitter lingo to tell people wherever you are or

whatever you are doing RIGHT NOW.

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Let’s use” なう ” in a sentence!!


ダウンタウンなう ⇒ I’m downtown right now.

会社なう ⇒ I’m at work right now.

カラオケなう ⇒ I’m at a Karaoke right now.

パーティーなう ⇒ I’m at a party right now.

Maki先生のレッスンなう ⇒ I’m having Maki-sensei’s lesson right now.

I don’t know why Japanese people prefer to use Hiragana ” なう ” instead of using Katakana  ” ナウ  “, but to me ” なう ”  looks more cute.  Don’t you think so ?  (^^)

– Maki

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