Happy Easter!

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Finally, today is the last day of the long Easter holiday.
Oh, for me, there are NO HOLIDAY at all…… usually…….
But, for some reasons, I got 2 days off, yesterday and today.
Since I didn’t feel like going out, so decided to stay home writing this blog and doing some chores instead of working.

Yes, for kids, Easter egg hunts is a part of the Easter tradition.
But…What about for you?
After having fun with family, enjoy the Easter dinner, it still will not kill you if you have to spend a bit of time to read this blog to study some new Japanese language, won’t you? 🙂

Look at these colorful Easter eggs!
Do you know how to say the name of colors in Japanese?

青(あお / ao = blue)
赤(あか / aka = red)
白(しろ / shiro = white)
黒(くろ / kuro = black)

These are all categorized in いadj. by adding い in the end.

青い = blue ~
赤い = red ~
白い = white ~
黒い = black ~

青いうみ = blue oceans
赤いりんご = red apples
白いくも = white clouds
黒いかげ = black shadows

Now I’m getting hungry~~~ hehe,,,

I need to eat MY EASTER EGGS… :p

Mata ne!

– Maki

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デコ電 花粉症

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